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Response to Romford Recorder Arcticle

09:06 04 April in Uncategorized

Response to Romford Recorder Arcticle

In the Romford Recorder an article appeared reporting an open issue around the entry submission to the national and olympic trials for one of our swimmers.

The club would like to make the following comments

1, This was NOT a club admin error, at high level events like these it is only the swimmer that can register for competition, they have their own portal and log in.

2. Once Lewis had informed us of he missed the deadline, the club officials and coaches sent emails to the BSA to try and get Lewis’s entry in.

As a club we obviously would love Lewis to be allowed to swim in the trials and support his efforts in appealing against the exclusion.

A link to the petition to allow Lewis to participate is in the link below.

Lewis’ Appeal


[Note: the original arcticle has been removed by the paper now]



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